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Say Less T Shirt Stress  Model Side Pose  - Trendie Days
Say Less T Shirt Stress Full Model - Trendie Days

Say Less T Shirt Stress - Trendie Day

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Say More with Trendie Days Say Less T Shirt Stress

Say Less T Shirt Stress. Stay in trend with our latest statement shirt. Say Less T Shirt letting people know to say less and do more, as well as letting people know you understand where they are coming from by allowing them to say less.

Say Less T Shirt on model in front of gate or storage.

Urban dictionary’s definition is:

Say Less

Derived from "say no more". Used when something is fully understood, accepted, and/or agreed to.

Victor: Hey man, I need at least 20 points and 10 rebounds from you in the big game tonight.

Nick: Say less fam, I got you.

Brittany: Girl I just heard Vanessa over there telling people that you were musty in gym class earlier.

Susie: Say less, let me go see what her problem is.

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  • Unisex
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  • Machine Washable
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